Friday, March 6, 2009

How to Look Expensive

Looking and feeling luxurious doesn't necessarily mean you have to spend a fortune on clothing and accessories. It can actually be quite cheap to look more expensive. In my life I have gotten many compliments on how "expensive" I look and trust me, I do not buy expensive products, I just know how to shop lux for less. Here are a few tips of advice on what to wear and what not to wear in order to look lux:
What NOT to wear:
  • Big fake metal earrings (please, it is obvious you spent $5 on them, you are better off not wearing any earrings at all)
  • Plastic jewelry - You are not a 6 year old kid, so grow up and get some grown-up jewelry
  • Too much jewelry, especially if it is NOT real can make you look like you are trying a bit too hard, and WILL indeed make you look very cheap.
  • Colorful Boots- We all know you bought them at the $10 store down the street...
  • Too many colors at once- You are a human, not a rainbow
  • Long, goofy plastic nails
  • Rainbow makeup
  • Colorful tights look horrible on ANYONE! especially the ones with prints on them, so avoid them at all times!

How to Look Lux for LESS:

  • Wear minimal, fine jewelry
  • Wood accessories can also look expensive compared to fake metals and plastics + they are green products :)
  • you can spend more money on a statement jewelry piece that IS actually expensive instead of buying loads of cheap crap: invest in a nice, gold cocktail ring to show off your pretty fingers, but please don't get a fake one, they look like crap...
  • Shop at discount: This does not mean go buy everything that is on sale from the cheaper stores but rather go to EXPENSIVE stores and shop their sales section...Trust me, you will find stuff there for the price of discount stores but for amazing quality
  • When shopping, try to pick simple styles, they are always in style
  • Pick solid colors as opposed to prints when shopping at cheaper stores since prints often lose their colors after washing.
  • Have a simple French manicure or plain light colored shorter nails to look sophisticated
  • When buying shoes, select neutral colors, such as brown, tan, ivory and black...they will never go out of style and will match everything you have...Don't buy colorful shoes unless you have a lot of $, since most of the cheaper ones looks ridiculously trashy.
  • Wear neutral makeup: foundation, light blush, pale lips and cat eye to look sexy and sophisticated with class....

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Thanks what a fun piece of info!

CoCoNoir said...

I disagree. One example; the show gossip girl; blair waldorf wears colored tights and looks extremely classy so i think you are wrong. It is how you carry yourself. I went to an international school full of rich kids in Vienna, Austria, because my mother is an ambassador, and a lot of the girls there wore colored tights, including me. but its nice to get someone else's perspective.

Anonymous said...

I like this. :)

Masjaa_ said...

that's is just what my friends don't get..

Anonymous said...

I agree on practically all points here! Some of my friends think I'm stupid to buy an expensive foundation. Then I told them it will last a year because I will not need to reapply it like them, therefore it would be cheaper :) Check out my blog on

Thanks! Emily. x